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The Sumo Logic Status page has been divided into four Deployments.

Sumo Logic uses four independant service stacks that we call Deployments, or pods.

Customers are assigned to each deployment based on their region and other parameters.
The deployment is determined at the time the account is created and cannot be changed.

Because deployments are completely separate from each other, problems are usually contained
within a single deployment.

In order to inform customers of any potential outages, we have moved the status pages to display
customers issues effecting only their deployment.

Where can I see issues that effect me?

1. If you are logged into Sumo Logic:
  a. If an incident has occurred, the red Service Status Indicator is displayed at the top of the Help menu. Click it to go the the proper Status page.
  b. To to Help > Service Status
2. If you have signed up for notifications on the Sumo Logic Status page, you will receive an email, SMS or RSS notification with a link to more information.
3. Based on the URL that you usually visit, you can go directly to the Status page here: